Food, Nutrition and Health
(2013 to continue)
The Issues and the Need

In remote rural areas of Bharuch district, food and nutrition are serious issues that affect people’s health, particularly child health. In 2012, GVT surveyed over 80 project villages covering a total of 5,716 children (2,887 boys and 2,829 girls) between the age groups 1 to 5 years. The survey identified 4,573 children in Green zone, 909 in Yellow zone and 234 were in Red zone. While 909 (4 per cent) children were in Yellow Zone, the combination of Yellow and Red zones, i.e. 1,143 (20 per cent) are malnourished. The children in Red zone are not able to walk more than a few steps on their feet, and remain sick for longer duration. Food and nutrition problem has been found in old age people also, particularly single old-age women. Nearly three out of five single older women are very poor, and two out of three rural elderly women are fully dependent on others due to lack of livelihood opportunities.

Therefore, this program focuses on children in Red zone as per the Government of Gujarat supported Anganwadi (child care) centres, and the old age people, especially widow women.

Program Objective

The objectives of GVT’s Food, Nutrition and Health program are as follows:

  • To improve health conditions of the children in Red zone and elderly poor people by providing nutritious food.
  • To prevent malnourishment in children up to the age of 5 years.
  • To generate awareness among the parents regarding nutritious food to ensure nutritious food intake by the children.
  • To improve mother, child and adolescent health.
  • GVT is helping elderly women and men on monthly basis with the objective to improve in their health by providing nutritious food.
  • Activities related to hygiene promotion under Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion programme are also linked to preventive health.
Expected outputs and outcomes
  • Achieved age appropriate health status of the otherwise malnourished children.
  • More than 1,000 children and 1,000 old age women and men provided with food kits.
  • Old age women and men received much needed food and nutrition support for healthy living.
  • Prevention of illnesses, especially among young children and old-age women.
Our supporters

Give India provides support in this program.

Positive impact

Healthy living for children and elderly, and significant improvement in children’s education and overall growth.

Villages and Districts covered

A total of 50 villages (12 in Bharuch, 18 in Jhagadia and 20 in Vagra blocks) in Bharuch district.